Plenary lectures

Robert Hirschler (Hungary): Colour theory and neo-impressionist landscapes

Verena M. Schindler (Switzerland): Jean-Philippe Lenclos’ methodology of the Geography of colour: Back to the origins and its international impact

Ming Ronnier Luo (United Kingdom): A summary of the parametric studies on colour difference evaluation

Paula Csillag and Ana LĂșcia Lupinacci (Brazil): Landscapes used in design and art: The work of Fred Jordan, the Brazilian master of color

Zena O’Connor (Australia): Effective environmental visual literacy: Pedestrian crossing design and the key roles of colour and contrast

AIC Color in Art and Design award lecture:
Roy Osborne (United Kingdom): Renaissance colour symbolism

AIC Deane B. Judd award lecture:
Hirohisa Yaguchi (Japan): Individual color vision

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Program outline

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Book of abstracts

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