Fields and Orientative Topics

Language of color (LC)
Environmental color design (ECD)

Landscape design

Color education (CE)
Color and tourism
Color vison & psychophysics (CVP)
Color and cultural landscapes
Lighting design Digital color
Urban planning Arts and design (AD)

Color and urban art

Engineering Landscape color & social manifestations
Color in the landscape and technology Color as symbolic construction

Color in urban landscapes

Color as social and cultural construction Color in natural landscapes
Ecology Color in urban furniture
Color in urban trees Color identity and color heritage
Visual arts

Color in landscape painting

Color in transportation

Color coding in maps

Color in satellite images
Color changes along day and night Color in horticulture and gardening

Color of flowers

Color of the sky


Color descriptions in literature


Color in aerial photography

Crop detection by color

Color under the sea Color in virtual landscapes


Architecture Psychology
Color in industrial landscapes Color changes according to season

Color changes according to the latitude


AIC Study groups involved:

Language of color (LC)
Arts and design (AD)
Color education (CE)
Environmental color design (ECD)
Color vision and psychophysics (CVP)