AIC 2019 Midterm Meeting: Color and Landscape
14-17 October 2019
Spring, in Buenos Aires, Argentina


The headquarters will be in the city of Buenos  Aires, and the Grupo Argentino del Color (GAC) is responsible  for the organization.

We hosted two previous AIC conferences in Argentina:

AIC 1989, 6th Congress
Buenos Aires, 13‐17 March 1989

AIC 2010, Interim Meeting “Color and Food”
Mar del Plata, 12‐15 October 2010

In the Meeting 2019, and as part of the history that has been built together with the AIC, we will celebrate 30 years since the realization of the first AIC conference in Argentina.

Call for papers

On behalf of the International Color Association, the AIC 2019 Organizing and Scientific Committees, invite you to participate and submit abstracts related to the theme of the meeting: “Color and Landscape”. The theme covers different aspects of the landscape, including its visions, constructions, and configurations.

The concept of landscape has a double existence: the observer and what is observed. It can be thought of as having natural and social configurations; a product of actions and interactions of nature and humans; a perception by a social group and individuals.

The landscape has an objective and subjective character; it is a social and cultural construction, a visual reality and a mental image, a transformation from the idea of terrestrial surface to that of identity in a society.

Color and landscape can be . . .

described, written, perceived, drawn, painted, lived, remembered, walked, traveled, thought of, colored, represented, prefigured, created, designed, inhabited, symbolized, transformed . . .

from literary, physical, pictorial, cultural, patrimonial, archaeological, anthropological, psychological, historical, philosophical, aesthetic, sociological, geographical, topographic, or epistemological points of view, among others.

The logo of the Meeting uses the colors of jacaranda flowers. The jacaranda is a typical tree of intertropical and subtropical America. It blooms in spring, and in this season makes part of the landscape of Buenos Aires city.

Jacaranda flowers, arranged in clusters, have a purplish blue color that remains for a long time in the tree. When they fall, generate a purplish carpet.

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